The Anti-Costanza Wallet

In my quest for minimalism and simplicity, one of the first areas of my life I looked to reduce was my wallet.

I’ve never kept a titanic trifold, but it was always big enough to bother me when I sat down… forcing me to wag myself into a position where it wasn’t as much of a pain in the butt (literally).

Keeping it in my front pockets hasn’t been an option the past couple years because that would compromise the nice fades I’ve got going on with my jeans… no way I would ever ruin them with some bogus wallet fade.

After some searching on mnmlist (the guide to all things minimal), I came across the solution:

The money-band.

I was sold. I didn’t think there was any way a “wallet” could get any more unobtrusive than that. I confidently clicked away $5 and eagerly awaited the day my money-band would arrive in the mail.

When it finally came, I felt like I used to on Christmas mornings when I’d rip open a present in hopes of a new video game, only to find socks…

… I thought the money-band was going to be made of some fancy stretchy material, devised by a team of chemists and physicists, fabricated for the sole purpose of being the single greatest money holding device known to man…

… but it’s just a dinky rubber-band. I paid $5 for a rubber-band.

Some son of a gun was able to reposition a rubber-band (a 2 cent product) as a cutting edge $3.99 product and I fell for it.

Well played.

In any case, it does its job. I now only carry 1 debit card, my license, and less than $20 in cash, all snuggly held together by my money-band.

This bundle is extremely light weight and I often have to double check to make sure it’s still in my pocket… that’s how discreet it is.

It is kind of awkward getting your money out the first few times you use it though… you have to get used to pulling the band off and not fumbling your cash and cards looking like the dufus I did the first time I used it.

It’s only supposed to last upwards of a year before it deteriorates, as it is just a rubber-band. I’ll probably end up getting another one after mine breaks… I don’t think it’s worth the time to scavenge for a similarly sized rubber band at Staples when this one fulfills my needs.

If you end up getting one or start using a rubber-band, let me know what you think.

… and don’t let Constanza influence you otherwise.