Egg Lab Results

Table I

Egg Size Length Width Mass
Medium 53.30 mm 40.98 mm 50.4 g
Medium 52.94 mm 40.24 mm 47.9 g
Large 54.45 mm 43.05 mm 55.7 g
Large 56.10 mm 42.81 mm 57.8 g
Extra Large 60.10 mm 44.70 mm 67.1 g
Extra Large 59.25 mm 44.96 mm 65.7 g

Table II

Egg Size Difference in Length (between two eggs) Difference in Width (between two eggs) Difference in Mass (between two eggs)
Medium 0.36 mm 0.74 mm 2.5 g
Large 1.65 mm 0.24 mm 2.1 g
Extra Large 0.85 mm 0.26 mm 1.5 g

Table III

Egg Size Average Length Average Width Average Mass
Medium 53.12 mm 40.61 mm 49.15 g
Large 55.275 mm 42.93 mm 56.75 g
Extra Large 59.675 mm 44.83 mm 66.4 g

Table IV

Egg Size Difference Between Average Lengths Difference Between Average Widths Difference Between Average Masses
Medium and Large 2.155 mm 2.32 mm 7.6 g
Large and Extra Large 4.4 mm 1.9 mm 9.65 g

As each egg size got bigger, its measurements did indeed get bigger (Table I). For example, none of the measurements for the large eggs were smaller than the measurements for the medium eggs (Table I). The two eggs measured for each size were each about the same length, width, and mass. Their measurements only differed by at most 1.65 mm in length, 0.74 mm in width, and 2.5 g in mass (Table II). The greatest factor is separating the different eggs sizes was mass. The average masses for the two eggs measured for each size differed the most between egg sizes than their lengths or widths (Table IV).